No Meat, No Eggs, No Dairy: The Year of the Vegan

‘From Netflix to JME, Heather Barrett shares the inspirations and motivations guiding her through 2016, the year she went vegan.’ Read here.


Last Night Two DJs Saved My Life: GCDJ.

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Image by Jo Bligh

Project 1

“My mum is the best person I know, she’s really good at watching Hollyoaks.” Khi, 6 – Camberwell Road, Camberwell, London

My first picture project was assigned to me by a friend in January 2015. The original idea was to photograph people around London to stir my interest in photography and perhaps get me out of my shell a little more. However, the outcome of the project was a little different than planned. I ended up taking pictures of family, friends and associates at the time, documenting the name and age of the subject/s, location of the picture, and a little piece of dialogue in true HONY style.

All pictures were taken on a disposable camera.
Excuse my fingers.

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